In 2010, after reading Dr.Norman Walker’s book
“The Natural Way to Vibrant Health”
juicing became part of Hamad’s interest.

Initially it started by performing fun
kitchen experiments in order to obtain
possible health benefits from juicing.
In order to treat health issues
with family & friends.
E.g. migraines, cold, flu, blood pressure, dehydration, etc.

In 2011, a friend encouraged Hamad to
promote the juices in a start-up grocery
store known today as Trolley.

With a humble budget & the support of a
small team;
purchases, quality control, invoicing &
delivery were made possible.
JUICED was born.

A YEAR later Hamad refined his
technique, resigned from his job &
focused all his attention towards JUICED.




In 2013
JUICED became a registered
trademark & managed to supply
50+ locations in Kuwait.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 5.27.34 PM

Abdullah Al-Mubarak St, Qibla
Kuwait City
+965 555 412 07



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Best quality year round.

100% fresh & natural ingredients.

No sugar added.

No artificial ingredients.

No preservatives added.

Cold pressed, never pasteurized.

48 hours shelf-life.

Hygienic, approved by LABCO.